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“Supporting & Connecting Veterans, Their Families and Our Community”

"Transforming Our Communites to Heal Our Veterans"
Keynote Presentation with Edward Tick, Ph.D.
Monday, November 7, 2016  - 8:00 a.m.
Valparaiso University
1509 Chapel Drive, Valparaiso, IN

Who suffers the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

For veterans, the effects of PTSD can be life-altering, and to the people around them as well: spouses, children, parents, siblings, coworkers and employers.

Join us Monday, November 7, 2016 for our annual Community Conversation with Edward Tick, Ph.D., whose groundbreaking work in spiritual, holistic and community-based healing brings hope to veterans, their families and the communities in which they live.

This special community event held on Veterans Day is designed to educate, inspire and dispel the stigma that surrounds PTSD. Come learn about PTSD and what we as individuals and as a community?can do to turn the tide on an epidemic that has impacted so many soldiers, their families and our society. He is the author of the award winning book, "War & The Soul: Healing our Nation's Veterans from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder".

Following Dr. Tick's presentation, please join us for a Veterans Resource Fair.

This is a FREE COMMUNITY-WIDE EVENT! Invite veterans, their families, area leaders and the greater community!

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Continue to learn how to help military members and their families by joining our FREE Mental Health First Training on Friday, November 18. Learn more and register at www.porterstarke.org/mhfa