Porter-Starke Services Recognized for Exceeding Performance Goals

Receives Recognition from MDwise Hoosier Healthwise?

Valparaiso, Indiana, July 25, 2014 ? Porter-Starke Services recently received recognition from MDwise Hoosier Healthwise for exceeding performance goals set for high volume inpatient providers. These performance goals are set in partnership with the State of Indiana and the Indiana Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning to ensure providers are delivering quality care.?

In this instance, Porter-Starke Services ensured 100% follow-up within 7 days following inpatient hospitalization for all clients with Hoosier Healthwise insurance, ranking the non-profit community mental health center in the top five in the State of Indiana and nearly 35 percentage points higher than most other high volume inpatient facilities. ?

?Porter-Starke Services is an active partner with the majority of insurance carriers and the Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning to ensure we meet or exceed their requirements for quality of care,? said Aileen Wehren, Vice President of Systems Administration at Porter-Starke Services. ?This recognition from MDwise illustrates the commitment and dedication that our staff has towards our clients and their care,? said Wehren.?

Porter-Starke Services is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit community health care serving Northwest Indiana. It operates the only psychiatric inpatient hospital in Porter and Starke Counties and serves over 11,000 people annually.?

MDwise is a Indiana-based nonprofit health care company with a mission to provide high quality healthcare to help vulnerable populations needing health coverage in Indiana. MDwise works with the State of Indiana and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to offer Hoosier Healthwise insurance to select populations.?

While the recognition was for achievement in calendar year 2012, Porter-Starke Services officials indicate that they continue to meet performance measurements for quality.