Mental Health Alliance Honors Supporters of Behavioral Health

Porter-Starke Services, the Porter-Starke Services Foundation and Mental Health America of Porter County recently hosted its annual Mental Health Alliance Business Meeting to recognize the achievements of individuals in the community that further promote health and wellness in the community.

Robert Hinojosa, Stephen Meyer, Tammy O?Neill, John Thorstad, Jordan Morris & Jennifer York Judge were awarded the Aled P. Davies Award for Public Policy on Health. Tom Lemke & Sister Maria Giuseppe of the Carmelite Home received the Patient Care and Advocacy Award. Spiro Olympidis of Family Express accepted the Porter-Starke Award for Service to Community Mental Health. Barbara Collins-Layton, retired Executive Director of NAMI of Porter County received the Robert A. Anderson Award for Community Education and Service. The Friends of Mental Health America Award was given to Donald & Lavita Smith.

Other awards winners recipients were Teresa Pavy with the Mental Health America Award for Distinguished Service; Vicki Urbanik with the Work of Heart Award; Donald Evans with the Margaret Stevens Award; Dr. John Johnson with the Gale C. Corley President?s Award; and Sandra Carlson with the Porter-Starke Foundation?s Community Impact Award.

Whitney Dulla was also recognized as the United Way Volunteer of the Year Award Winner.

?The evening recognizes the collaboration between our three organizations and the integral work and support they provide to so many in our community,? said Rocky Schiralli, President/CEO of Porter-Starke Services. "We're honored to have so many caring supporters of mental health," said Schiralli.

The Mental Health Alliance of Porter County meets annually to celebrate and recognize efforts by individuals and groups on the health of our community. The meeting was held at Porter-Starke Services in Valparaiso, Indiana. Each participating organization held abbreviated board meetings to announce and vote on its slate of officers for the upcoming year before the awards are distributed.